Preparing Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Your CV creates the first impression the recruiter/client has of you. It is therefore important that the content (work experience, qualifications), lay out, and grammar used within your CV is presented in a professional manner and is a true representation of your employment career to date.

To assist candidates in the preparation of their CV we have listed the details we believe are required for a professional CV.

CV Contents

  • Career Aspirations – Give a brief outline of the type of role you are after and your short/long term goals

  • Key Skills/Strengths – In bullet point fashion list four to five short sentences what you would see as your key skills/strengths you could bring to a new employer. These may take the form of technical skills, people management/interfacing or business abilities

  • Employment History – List all the roles you have held starting with the current or most recent:
    1. Include start and finish dates, the company’s name and location, a brief explanation of their business e.g. Manufacturers of beverage packaging machinery, the position held the responsibilities and achievements of that position
    2. If you have held several positions within the same company give a breakdown of the roles/responsibilities/achievements and the dates relevant to those roles
    3. Ensure any gaps in your employment history are explained e.g. overseas travel or immigration to New Zealand
    4. Lastly if your employment history exceeds ten years, provide detail for the most recent ten years, and simply list the positions and companies prior to that time as per the detail above
    5. Educational Qualifications – List the names of the educational facilities attended, the dates and the qualifications achieved
    6. Additional Courses – List any relevant courses you have attended, the course name, convenors and dates
    7. Professional Memberships – List names of associations you are a current member of
    8. Computer Skills – List the software packages you are familiar with and your level of competency with them e.g. beginner, intermediate, proficient or expert
    9. Personal Details:
      1. Your name, address and contact details
      2. Date of Birth *
      3. Marital Status *
      4. Nationality / Residency *
      5. Health
      6. Interests & Hobbies
      7. Availability to start new role.
      8. Preferred locations to work
        (Some personal details are optional as to whether or not you provide them on your CV. We have asterisked * the optional fields)

      Things to Remember

    10. Keep your CV concise and positive, use bullet points and short sentences
    11. Be careful with the use of graphics and colours as it may cause downloading and printing problems
    12. Use a regular font and layout
    13. Proof read your CV, and if possible have someone check it
    14. When emailing ensure your CV document is virus free