The Interview?

Things you can expect at your next job interview:

  • Remember any job interview is a two way street, so do not feel threatened. The client is interviewing you because they have a vacancy they wish to fill
  • Interviews, depending on the client and the position may take the form of a one on one interview or a panel interview
  • Interview styles may vary from the casual conversation through to a more structured formal type (ask your recruitment consultant what to expect)
  • During the course of the interview the interviewer will ask you questions to assess your skills, experience and personal demeanor, remember this is also the opportunity for you to assess whether or not this company and it's culture meets with your expectations.
  • Greet the interviewer by their name and a firm handshake
  • If presented with an application form or security form, fill it in as this will be a standard company procedure
  • Follow the interviewer's lead as where to sit. When seated relax (don't slouch) and focus on the person talking to you
  • During the course of the interview ensure you maintain eye contact with the interviewer when engaged in conversation
  • Try to be yourself. Remain positive, calm and confident. Your personality is every bit as important as your skills and experience
  • Listen carefully to the questions being asked of you. Ensure you understand what the interviewer wishes to know then answer them in a factual, informative manner. Try not to ramble or go off on tangents