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North Shore City
Job Ref: 955
Date: Mar 14, 2019

Integration Manager. All encompassing role that will see you involved in a variety of stimulating tasks on a daily basis, great career opportunity. read more >>

North Shore City
Job Ref: 953
Date: Mar 5, 2019

SCADA Systems Engineer. Top role for a SCADA Systems Engineer looking to advance their abilities with a company renowned for its technology solutions read more >>

North Shore City
Job Ref: 952
Date: Feb 28, 2019

Automation Engineer skilled in Rockwell and Siemens systems required by multinational company. Technical invigorating environment, Top projects. read more >>

Job Ref: 951
Date: Feb 27, 2019

Electrical Engineer. If you are seeking a fresh challenge in a company renowned for delivering first class electrical engineering solutions read on. read more >>

North Shore City
Job Ref: 950
Date: Feb 27, 2019

Controls Engineer. Technically challenging projects with a company that continues to grow worldwide. Great learning/career advancement opportunities read more >>